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The MXRToolkit consists of a library of routines to help with all aspects of building mixed reality applications. The philosophy of the SDK is to keep the interface extremely simple. All of the code is called using c style function calls and c style structures so that an understanding of C++ syntax is not required.
MXR Toolkit is provided with a detailed User Guide of more than 100 pages.

We anticipate two major types of users:
-Users primarily concerned with developing mixed reality applications - the SDK contains a large number of routines to make camera tracking and model rendering very easy, so the developers can concentrate on the application and content rather than low-level programming.
-Users primarily concerned with developing new low-level tracking solutions using computer vision techniques - the SDK provides access to many of the estimation, maths, optimization, networking and geometry routines that underlie the higher level functions in the library. These will prove invaluable to AR developers.

As an application of MXRToolkit, 3DLive is the augmented reality system capturing a real person from many viewpoints, then re-generating and superimposing the 3D image of that person onto the real fiducial markers in real time. This system has 2 parts. The first part, the 3DLive Capturing, is responsible for receiving captured images of the real object from many cameras, and subtracting the background scene to get the foreground images from different viewpoints. The second part, 3DLive Rendering, calculates the virtual viewpoint, generates and renders the 3D image from that viewpoint onto the markers.

Both MXRToolkit and 3DLive are under constant revision and development. We encourage all of our users to join the project, make modifications and changes, and update the the project using the Sourceforge project page. Please also join the Forums for latest information, and posting help and questions about the project. All users are also invited to subscribe to our mailing list, where you can discuss all aspects of the MXR Toolkit including technical details, codes, bugs, features, as well as applications. To subscribe, please go take a look at this page:

3d Live
AR part

The entire MXR Tookit is released as Open Source and all use must comply with the Open Source Criteria

Documentation and User Guides can be downloaded from the SourceForge Site Logo